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Do you want to get funded?

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Discover our Affordable prices for any kind of prop firm challenge service

đź”’ We do not share any information with third parties.

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Tailor made service for passing your prop firm challenges


#1 · Ask for a Free Quotation

Tell us in this form which prop firm challenge you need to pass, and some information about it (like drawdown, deadline, etc.).

#2 · Get your Quotation

Within the next 24 working hours, we will assess whether we can pass your proprietary firm challenge using our tools (Private MQL4 daily fine-tuned Experts trained by our private AI, manual methods, mix, etc.).

If we are able to pass it (and be assured that in 99% of the cases, we can), we will send you an email with the quotation for the service and all the pertinent information.

On the other hand, if we were unable to pass your prop firm challenge, we will also write back to you, in that case, simply to inform you that we cannot overcome that particular challenge (due to the drawdown, the deadline, or whatever the obstacle may be).

#3 · We start working on your account

If you agreed with the quotation, you would just need to confirm the order via the confirmation link inside the quotation. That link would lead you to the checkout, where you would also need to provide us with your challenge credentials.

Then, we would start working on your account.

#4 · Challenge passed

When the challenge is passed, we will send you an email, so you can start trading with that account to earn your real profits.

#5 · Satisfaction Form

As we want to know what can we improve, we will also send you a satisfaction form, so you will have the choice to tell us whatever you want, or how you would improve the service.

#6 · End of the order

The service is done, so we close the order.

But if you want, you can always repeat with a new order! Actually, most of our clients repeat with new prop firm accounts, so they have many assests running and earning profits in parallel for them.


Of course it is legal. Actually, it is just copytrading: to pass the challenges, your account simply replicates the trades from our tools.

Furthermore, we also are an LLC U.S. based company.

TrustedFunders LLC is a United States company, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico (complete business address on the footer too).

We are a team of traders specialized in neural networks applied to stock markets, statistics, EA coding and machine learning for arbitrage.

It depends on the prop firm.

Each challenge presents unique characteristics. Some companies allow for High-Frequency Trading (HFT), enabling us to complete a challenge in a matter of minutes.

In others, with more favorable conditions regarding slippage and execution time, we may opt for our automation systems, optimizing the completion time to a couple of days or weeks.

And in other cases, where conditions are less favorable, the completion time may be extended, employing a hybrid trading approach that combines mechanical strategies with our verified experienced traders.

It’s important to note that market conditions and external factors can influence the development timeline of our service. Regardless, we will inform you of the average time to pass your type of challenge when we send you your Free Quotation.

As of today, we can pass the challenges at any prop firm.

Depending on which one it is, our method will be more or less sophisticated (and therefore the price of the service), but there is still no prop firm whose challenges we cannot pass.

We cannot answer that for you, as we are not authorized to give financial advice, nor will we advise anyone to choose one prop firm over another firm, or even, over another financial product.

We do advise you to carefully analyze each prop firm by yourself: what they offer, and whether the product they offer is suitable for you, before making any decisions.

Once you’ve done that research, if you like a particular prop firm, make sure you’re also comfortable with their legal terms, privacy policies, etc., as many people don’t even read them, and that’s a big mistake.

In summary: we cannot tell you which one is the best (despite having our own opinion), because we are not authorized to do so, and it’s always best to do your own in-depth research and treat your money with the respect it deserves.

It depends of the drawdown, if you have any deadline, etc.

If the drawdown is too much, we will not provide a quote, and we will suggest that you start with a new account.

But if the drawdown is not too severe, we might be able to take care of it (although the cost of the service in those cases is somewhat higher than for a new account).

In any case, the easyest way to know that is to ask for your quotation, and we will respond you within less than 24 business hours, whether we can take on your drawdowned account or not.

Yes of couse.

We are a legal and authorized U.S. based company, so you can ask for your invoice from the moment you have already paid the service.

In addition, upon confirmation of your order, you will automatically receive a purchase receipt in your email.

If you order our services and we don’t pass your challenge, we would make the total refund of your money.

You will also have all the guarantee details written on your quotation.

Do you want to get funded?

We can do the hard work for you

Discover our Affordable prices for any kind of prop firm challenge service

đź”’ We do not share any information with third parties.

We don't sell lifestyle,
we just pass challenges.

These are some of the prop firms challenges we have already passed:

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City Traders Imperium®



Smart Prop Trader®


Maven Trading®

Funding Pips®

Funded Engineer®

Glow Node FX®

Union Wealths Management®

Lark Funding®


Goat Funded Trader®

Nova Funding®

Quantec Trading®

Infinity Forex Funds®

M Solutions®

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Fast Forex Funds®

MDP Funding®

Skilled Funded Traders®

The Funded Trader®



Blue Guardian®

How do we pass challenges

Automated Low-Risk Expert Advisors

- Just statistics & machine learning -


Our algorithms identify trends in the returns of an asset (or several) and position themselves in the continuation of that trend. We use trend following to buy a future if the price is above the moving average, we sell if it is below, etc.

Statistical Arbitrage

Statistical models to identify deviations in the relationship between prices of similar assets.

Mean Reversion

Many of our automated expert advisors position the account in the asset that has deviated from its average.

We employ multi-asset strategies such as Pairs Trading.

Factor Models

We build the asset portfolio based on fundamental characteristics: Fama–French three-factor model, Growth, Quality, etc.

Algorithmic Trading

Primarily based on technical analysis. Our algorithms identify patterns in price behavior, volume, short interest, the order book, VWAP, Bollinger Bands, MACD, RSI, Elliot Waves, etc.


We take advantage of changes in market volatility with GARCH models.


Market neutral strategies to take advange of relative prices in specific assets. Long-short portfolio construction, eliminating market risk.

Global Macro

Currency Carry Trades, avoiding trades during Fed meetings, etc.

Machine Learning

Non-linear models that capture patterns accurately. We manage our own complex and extensive vectorized databases, with our double Nvidia RTX-4090 private server.

Do you want to get funded?

We can do the hard work for you

Discover our Affordable prices for any kind of prop firm challenge service

đź”’ We do not share any information with third parties.