Why partner with TrustedFunders?

We bring you additional clients

If you’re in the business of helping people to complete thir challenges, you probably have the typical channels for attracting clients: Telegram, Discord, or even your own website. While that’s not bad, you know that if you work alone, you’re competing with many others like you, offering the same service, and how difficult it is to acquire a client and build trust.

We invest thousands of euros in advertising per month, which translates into much more targeted traffic from people looking for someone to help them pass the challenge.

As a result of sharing the profits between the trader and the agency, TrustedFunders traders receive benefits that are worth much more than the split:

1. We bring you clients without you having to do anything other than work in the client order and then receive payment once the service is completed.

2. We enhance your credibility with clients, as we audit the statistics of all our traders ourselves.

3. As you complete more services with clients of TrustedFunders, your statistics will improve (number of orders, number of clients that approved the challenge thanks to your help and teaching, etc.), and more people will want you to help them to pass their challenge. In other words, thanks to the increase in your authority, you will have more clients from our agency over time, as they will always choose from the best.

4. In addition to having more clients, you will gradually be able to raise the price of your services, as an increase in authority allows you to charge more for the same service. Clients are willing to pay more in exchange for a higher probability of passing the challenge on the first try.

You'll spend your time only on what you're truly good at: finance

Usually, a person offering help and teaching services for passing challenges, has to spend more time acquiring clients than serving them. As a TrustedFunders partner, that won’t happen to you. We will send you an email with each work order: ID, password, and funded company, and all you have to do is start working for the client through our private platform.

As you achieve good reviews, your earnings will exponentially improve

We only keep the best partners. If a trader consistently delivers poor results for multiple clients, they will be removed from the agency. On the contrary, as you achieve better reviews, your profit margin will increase, starting from 50%-50% and eventually reaching 70% (you) – 30% (agency).

Additionally, as your margin improves, you can gradually raise your service prices, so your profit will grow exponentially: first, due to an improved margin, and second, due to an increase in your prices.

TrustedFunders does not require exclusivity

Being a trader of the agency does not mean cannibalizing your sales, as you can continue working independently as a freelance: your clients from Telegram/website/Discord (acquired by yourself with no fee split) + your clients from TrustedFunders.

What you need to know before becoming a partner trader

Agency basic rules

Rules for maintaining partnership

To maintain trader membership, there is only one rule: happy clients. And happy clients means that you really helped them to pass their challenges.

For new partners, it will be required that at least two of the first three clients achieve a passing result (on both phases). From the fifth work order onwards, if the client’s average approval rate falls below 60%, it will result in permanent loss of membership.

Additionally, accumulating three consecutive clients who failed their attempts, results in discontinuity from the agency, while achieving three consecutive clients who passe their challenges, improves the split in favor of the partner.

So there’s only one path: up or out.

We know this may sound harsh, but it’s the only way to maintain an agency composed of the best finance professionals. If clients don’t get the results they pay for, they would stop hiring this agency, as we wouldn’t be providing them any added value compared to the dozens of websites that offer help services for passing prop firm challenges.

Code of ethics

The goal of this agency is to enhance the results of all partners through teamwork. While the agency focuses on attracting clients and the best finance professionals, the finance professionals only need to concentrate on their clients for their challenge, without having to spend time on marketing or client acquisition.

Each partner’s reputation is enhanced simply by being part of TrustedFunders, and therefore it is not allowed for partners to link their TrustedFunders nickname with other nicknames they may have on their private channels (Telegram, private website, etc.). A partner promoting their private profile through their TrustedFunders profile will result in immediate expulsion.

Additionally, if the agency matches a client to a partner and the partner abandons their client halfway through the service, or they just do not respond to the client, it will also be reason for expulsion, as the agency’s image (and consequently that of all partners) would be negatively affected by this lack of commitment.

Development of splits

We only work with the best finance professionals, so the agency-trader split increases as the partner demonstrates their results with their clients.

You will get further information about split developments on Application process.

Audit and required documentation

Anonymous accounts are not allowed.

To join as a trader partner, we ask all candidates to identify themselves as individuals, sending to the agency the needed documentation (ID card, etc.).

This has two reasons: first, to prevent multiple accounts. And second, to have all traders identified and know with whom we are working. Just as the client seeks transparency, the agency should be the first to have all traders identified and avoid fake or duplicated accounts.


Essentially, we invest it in covering office costs, employee salaries, and advertising to acquire web traffic (clients).

They do not audit the results of their partners themselves, so the client does not know if hiring a trader from Fiverr (for example) will be satisfactory or if it is a scammer. Moreover, on those platforms, the average review scores can be manipulated, for instance by offering unrelated services at a very low price that have nothing to do with passing challenges, and changing the service portfolio once they have good statistics.

There are numerous ways to falsify the statistics of Fiverr, UpWork, and Freelancer, because they do not audit the results. However, we do audit the results of each service contracted by a client through the agency, and we incorporate each outcome into the trader’s statistical record.

The trader will only be paid if the client has passed the service in both phases (phase 1 and phase 2). We will make payments via bank transfer for all cases where the trader has a bank account in a European SEPA zone country. If the trader does not have a bank account in the SEPA zone, then the only method of payment will be through PayPal Business, to the address provided by the trader.

Yes of course. We are a registrated company, and as such, we must submit a series of expense/income documentation to the authorities in our country (Spain). Therefore, every time the trader completes a service, they will need to issue an invoice to the agency with their tax information to collect their fees.

How to become a trader of TrustedFunders?

If you want us to evaluate your application to join the team of traders, you can apply through the following form:

Application Form

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